Tuesday, March 11, 2008

American Idol

I won't bore you with a long rant about a show that is probably in its twilight, so I will keep this one short & sweet -- those of you who do not care for and/or watch this show may want to go to another one of my blogs.

I'm not fond of that Amanda chick. She seems cool enough, but she doesn't have a versatile voice at all. She can ONLY sing the type of song where screaming is the preferred method of delivery. She's not like... say Pink, who can both deliver the goods on a more R&B-flavored track as well as scream it out with the best of them. I like to think of Pink as a vocal lesbian -- she can go both ways.

Suffice it to say that I don't want to see Amanda win. I like that David Archuleta kid... I think he has that X-factor -- along with a pretty dynamite voice for a shy 17-year old kid. As for the girls.. I like Syesha Mercado -- but sometimes I don't know which head is voting for her.

Good luck to all the contestants.

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Cat said...

David? Cook is my fav right now. I want a rocker to win! I also like the Irish chick. Syesha, I just like her style and b/c she has hair like mine I get some style tips. She has a good voice before but- been there done that. No more pop sound, no more country sound, no more r&b, I'm ready to rock!