Wednesday, October 29, 2008

2008 MLB Champs

The Phillies just won. Good grief, the Phillies just won.

I just became a baseball fan this year... and I took a leap of faith and rode with the Phillies.

It hurt me to do so, as a Dallas Cowboys fan. The Philadelphia Eagles are BIGTIME rivals and it made me feel like a turncoat. Despite a rough start, the Phillies managed to make it to the playoffs -- and that's where the magic happened.

After a wacky Game 5 (which essentially took 3 days), the Philadelphia Phillies have won it all. Never before have you seen such a great return on a sports investment. NEVER.

I may have no voice for work tomorrow... but that's all the better reason to ignore my constituents.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled coherent blog.


Stankoniforous 0ne said...


Do it up big but responsible.

NikkiGrids said...

I am afraid that we can no longer be friends since you are now a PHILLIES FAN!!!