Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I Think I'm Addicted... music.

This addiction of mine has grown with each passing day. In fact, I have procured no less than 5 albums in the last 10 days. From Ryan Leslie to Keri Hilson, I'm wallowing in new music right now. To be honest, I've been pleasantly surprised by most of it... the grand majority, in fact.

Ryan Leslie's album has a nice, chill vibe to it -- enough to help curb my road rages (believe it or not). I also appreciate the man's hustle and resolve. I'm going to give it a few more spins, but I'm sure it will earn a place in my current rotation.

Rick Ross is not generally my favorite artist, but his collaboration with John Legend ("Magnificent") lives up to it's name. I've only heard a few tracks of it so far, but I'll tell you this: he absolutely murders the intro in the best way possible. If any of the other songs are like that, I may have to eat my past words.

Keri Hilson's album is good uptempo music with a few slower, sexy songs thrown in for good measure. I could kill Akon for screaming all over his cameo, but I think it was a very solid debut effort. I certainly can't get "Knock You Down" out of my head for the life of me (Danja put himself on the map with that beat). Another fantastic track is "How Does It Feel?" -- because once you get past Timbo's initial interference, Keri delivers a catchy track that should find an audience with females that tend to date less-than-considerate men.

I haven't had a chance to listen to very many songs on Jadakiss' new album, but he's a very consistent guy and I refuse to believe that I will be anything less than pleased -- especially if "By My Side" is any indication. For good measure, there are 3 bonus tracks... and I like bonuses.

As bad as I have it for Keri (musically and otherwise), I have to admit that one album currently REFUSES stubbornly to dislodge itself from my CD player -- and in particular, the lead single doesn't seem to want to roll off my tongue into that gentle night...

So, ladies and gentlemen -- without further ado:

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