Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Guess Who's Back?

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I'm back (and not much) better than ever!

Thank you for the 6.15 people that actively read this thing of mine. It's fun having a place where I can come and vent my most random thoughts. I don't even always know what about to come out of my mind and spill onto these web pages (case in point), but I know that you know that I know that you know that I appreciate your "viewership" -- if you will. I know I've been gone for awhile, but I guess I needed to recharge my blogging batteries and actually let a few things happen in my life so that I'd have something to talk about. It's great to finally post -- I missed reading your comments (all 3 of them).

Here's what's been on my mind recently:

- Just last week, I purchased a puggle (male pug/female beagle mix) and despite his penchant for chewing everything in sight (include my extremities and clothing), I've grown somewhat fond of the young chap. To top it all off -- we've named him Dallas. What a fitting name for the future Cowboys fan, wouldn't you say? Well, I think I've almost got him potty-trained... but I'm working on the commands now. We've got "sit" down -- everything else to go!

- Yesterday, I got a promotion at work -- about time! I've only been there about a year, but I am not just tooting my own horn when I tell you that I'm one beast of an underwriter. Of course, I'm only not kidding. Seriously, I joke -- but I soak this shit up like a tampon in a lake. Of course, this all only means that I'll be working more difficult cases, but be paid slightly more to do so... so I'd say it's a fair trade-off in the end. Come see me once I take over the healthcare industry -- I'd love to hear your thoughts on reform (lol).

- Sadly, I probably haven't been to the gym since the last time I posted a blog (read: about one month ago). I have to work on that. Big time. I'm trying to get my chisel on, son!

- Isn't it sick that gas is so expensive now? I swear I applied for a fuel loan at the pump last week and got denied because of insufficient collateral. I don't know how much longer my wallet can absorb the astronomical oil prices at this rate of increase! If I didn't work 16 miles away, I swear I'd get a 10-speed & a poncho and call it a day.

- The Final Four was a huge surprise. Absolutely destroyed my bracket (in the worst way possible) -- but I'm alright with it. I love surprises... I also loved that gutsy 3-pointer that Mario Chalmers launched up to tie the game and send it to OT (for the subsequent victory). Better yet, I found myself thoroughly enjoying the women's tournament as well. Congrats to the Kansas Jayhawks and the Tennessee Lady Vols, respectively (of course).

- I'm still not 100% decided on who I'll be voting for in the upcoming primaries.

Anyway, that's about all for now... I'll be back again (sooner than last time, anyway) with more of my personal brand of madness.


Erika 2004 said...

Hey, man.

Good to hear from ya!
Your puggle is cute.
Congrats on the promotion!

Music Snob said...

Glad to see you're momentarily back as well. Congrats on the promotion! However, please refrain from discussing tampons in any and all future blogs. And like many of the other members of my ncaa pool I see you slept on the JHawks. Fortunate for me I didn't!

-Music Snob aka Bracket Queen!

aaronic said...

I immediately think of college every time i hear that joint.

Cat said...

Congrat's on the promotion- more moeny more problems of course. I got a significant promotion last fall and bought a new car so that ate up the raise and so I'm still broke. I get another raise in the fall and plan to buy a house- somewhere Sallie Mae is giving me the evil eye b/c I sure haven't increased my loan repayments yet!

Not Your Average Male said...

[MS] Hey! Thanks so much. Sorry about the tampon reference.. but hey -- that's my brand of madness. I can't believe you chose the Jayhawks on purpose, lol. Good wager, I'd say.. I know you cleaned up.

[Aaronic] Everytime I think of college & you, I think of you guys and your rap sessions... lol. You gotta give me Derek's Myspace page link again.

[ADC] Who in the blue hell are you?

[CAT] Thanks, Cat! Congrats to you on your most recent AND your impending promotions! We're alike that way -- we find a way to offset the raise by spending more money. We don't need much help with groceries and gas prices jumping like they are. Geez.