Monday, April 28, 2008

Ode to Old Bay

You've remained in the shadows, rejecting all praise due
You season my crabs, shrimp and of course, my chicken
Too.. I've never taken the proper time to really thank you,
Because my fingers, I'm just too busy lickin'
Off your delicious residue, traces of your loving touch
Who'd have known a simple spice could've made such
A difference? Simple ignorance on my part
To have so long neglected you just breaks my heart.
But I'm here to make things right
In fact, I'm going to start tonight
By sprinkling your salty essence all over everything on my plate
'Til my neighbor has to come by and resuscitate
Me. Your delicious, not-too-much sodium composition
Is competition even for Sweet Potato biscuits, and
Signifies summertime like only Will Smith can
We go back to early childhood like those slap wrist-bands
So I hope you never again experience such neglect when
You so effortlessly season my grub to perfection.

Here's looking at you, "Ol' Bay"

I hope y'all know I was just fuckin' around.
"It's a celebration, bitches... drink up -- be merry!!"


Eb the Celeb said...

u crazy

The Girl From Park Heights said...

And I bow my head to Old Bay!

For popcorn just isn't the same without it.


Eb the Celeb said...

you need to rock with that goya sazon though... thats the bizness

Anonymous said...

oh, the wonders of old bay seasoning....seafood hasn't been the same since....