Saturday, January 17, 2009

Grey's Anatomy -- I hardly know ye

The following is an open letter to the writers, crew, producers and creator of one of my guilty pleasures, "Grey's Anatomy" (Thursdays, 9pm, ABC). If you watch the show but haven't seen the last 5 episodes or so, I suggest you turn away -- lest I spoil the latest goings-on at Seattle Grace.

Otherwise, sit back & enjoy... because you probably feel the same way I do.

Dear ABC:

I've enjoyed Grey's Anatomy for quite some time. Witty banter betwixt the surgeons, crazy surgeries and incurably high sex drives that have led to more "cross-pollination" than a flower farm. Some would find it all too over-the-top -- but not I. I've found it entertaining from the first time I laid eyes on those horndog interns & residents. I like everything about the show, really... except ONE of your current storylines.

Dead Denny.

I can't take it anymore. How many more conversations can Izzie have with him? How many more times will they hug & kiss? How many more orgasms will he give her? Does Izzie have some type of mental or emotional disorder that is causing her to have visions of her dearly departed lover? Why is he "haunting" her? Why won't he just go the fuck away & let her be happy with Alex?

Honestly, I don't even think that I care about the payoff at this point... I just want the madness to end. Before I smash my head on a window sill, gouge out my eyes with a butterknife and feed them to my dog.

I'm not quite certain who cooked this mess up, but the shenanigans must end. So, I beg you -- PLEASE end this nonsense NOW... for the sake of humanity itself depends on it. Who knows how many more episodes of this crap the average person could survive?

Or at the very least, it could be yet another reason for people to stop watching an otherwise delightful little show.

Think about it, y'all. Think about it.



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