Tuesday, January 15, 2008

So Bad That It's Good

Every once in awhile comes a television event so astoundingly spectacular that it can overcome deep-fried punch lines and transcend pun-filled discourse to nestle its way into our hearts. Perhaps fueled by the lack of original programming on air due to the continuing writers' strike, NBC has struck gold by dusting off old jewelry. With the imminent reentry of Knight Rider to the market, it has become evident that even if somebody else already built it, used it, abused it and re-used it, we will still come back for more if you just wait long enough to try again. Perhaps the most amazing example of which has been the return of American Gladiators -- and fortunately for us, it's almost as cheesy and unforgivably awesome as it was before.

With "The Immortal" Hulk Hogan and the beautiful pugilist Laila Ali performing the hosting duties, the former Saturday morning staple has returned for our viewing pleasure. If corny puns, terribly scripted interviews and thrilling challenges excite you, then this just may be the ticket for you! Where else can you hear a contestant utter the phrase: "Where I come from, assault can get you 3-5... but here, I'm going for 10!!" Did you catch the pun? How clever! Better yet, how about a gladiator saying: "I smell fear, I smell blood... and I'm gonna eat ya!" -- then proceeding to howl like a wolf?! It's all just too bad to be true.

If you've seen the new show and have thought to yourself "Wow, the new Eliminator is extremely hard!" It's probably more likely that you've thought "Man, this is even worse than the original" -- well, I beg you to watch the video below for all the evidence necessary to dismiss that theory once and for all:

It's a little different this time around, but OH MY it's as cheesy as ever! If you were ever a fan of the show, I urge you to watch the new version. Don't think too hard. It's mindless TV drivel -- make no bones about it. But do you wanna know the best part? Nobody cares. Enjoy it for what it is -- mindless fun.

I'll leave you with yet another classic AG moment. Bon appetit!

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