Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Who Is This Woman?

Apparently, she's a daughter-of-a-bitch.

(editor's note: I've always wondered why we never say that... it seems intuitive, right? Well, don't start now because it's in the process of being trademarked & I'll sue the blog shit outta you if you don't properly remunerate me!)

Her name is Kelly Tilghman, a former Duke women's golfer who last played back when Driving Miss Daisy had just won the Academy Award for Best Picture (she NEVER played on the LPGA Tour). She's not terribly relevant now (unless you consider being the only female announcer on The Golf Channel a sign of relevance)... and apparently, she's not too fond of Tiger Woods. She remarked on air that young golfers should "lynch Tiger Woods in a back alley." Now, perhaps this was some feeble attempt at making a joke about Woods' superiority & dominance over the sport (and alluding to the notion that they try to gain an edge by any means necessary)... or maybe she just straight-up meant what she said. Regardless of her true intent, it came off as extremely tacky, crude and downright inappropriate.

She's not even remotely attractive, successful, talented, popular or otherwise significant enough for this non-average American male to even fiddle with the notion of "overlooking" this calamity. This is the kind of shit that gets members of the media fired quickly. Oh, you're wondering why they haven't fired her.. right? Well, let's break it down like this:
1) She works for the fucking Golf Channel! Have you ever seen or heard of it? Chances are that 99.5% have not and will not.

2) She "apologized" to Tiger the following day (scroll to the bottom to see the blurb) -- as all the best offenders have been quick to do.

3) Well, let's be honest -- these broadcasting conglomerates really try not to fire the offenders until somebody makes a big stink about it. I haven't done the research, but I'm sure there have been quite a few more snafus that have slipped right under the radar and buried their heads in the sane.
I don't really want to care about this as much as I do, but FUCK -- it's 2008, bitch! I don't just want people to stop saying racist, sexist, ageist or anything-ist else offensive -- I want us to stop thinking it in the first place. Then, and only then, can we ever move forward as a society without prejudice.

Too bad none of us will live long enough to see anything near that.


Your Friendly Neighborhood Skeptic said...

I tried to start a "daughter of a bitch" movement back in high school that was met with little fanfare.

So why does said lynching have to take place in a back alley, I wonder?

You already stated the reason why there's no uproar about this. about 17 know about the Golf Channel and only about 4 of those people even watch it. That has to be the only reason. I mean in terms of the actual words what she said was worse than Don Imus' comments. Hell, the first I had heard about it was when I saw on the headline on that she had "apologized".

You know how they say seeing too much violence in television will desensitize you to it? Maybe we're becoming desensistized to racism.

The Girl From Park Heights said...

What a bitch!

Never knew golf had its own channel.

Nevertheless, I share your sentiments completely.

incognegro said...

Yooo, this Aaron (Temple, Justin, Aasiya, Davecia...yup, that Aaron). Really nice blog, man.

About the post...That sh*t was ridiculous, no apology is good enough. The fact that the thought to say that on live TV even entered her mind is totally crazy to me.

Not Your Average Male said...

Yo, Aaron! What's up?! Yeah, it was a bad situation. Sad thing is, she is supposedly friends with Tiger. I hope that she was sincere in her apology and that she doesn't really think like that -- but that could just be wishful thinking...