Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Snake, Rat, Cat, Dog

"How you gon' see 'em if you livin' in a fog?"

Well, it's more like a snake and a rat-cat-dog anyway.

In Brisbane, Australia, a 16-foot python stalked and ultimately consumed a family's pet silky chihuahua in front of them -- much to the children's horror.

Apparently, they'd actually seen the snake a few days lurking in the area of the dog's bed -- yet failed to call in the local snakesmith (Editor's note: No, that's not a real word but yes, I'll actively seek to have that changed). The snake pounced and swallowed the 5-year old dog WHOLE. Whole! I can barely eat a chicken wing in one fell swoop -- but this 110-lb. bag of muscles swallowed another animal whole. Geez.

My favorite part about this article were the final two paragraphs:
Removing the half-swallowed dog could have harmed or even killed the python, Rose said, because dogs have sharp teeth and claws that could do the snake internal damage if it were wrenched out.

The snake was still digesting the dog at the zoo Wednesday. It will soon be relocated to the bush, Douglas said.
Really? Does anybody else not give a fuck about that snake (like me)? He swallowed a damn dog WHOLE. Greedy bastard.

Moral of the story: Stay the fuck out of Brisbane. Don't even bother.


Erika 2004 said...

First off, the link you supplied is incorrect.

Upon reading the story, a few questions come to mind.

1. Why was the dog in the yard in the first place? Considering they found a HALF DIGESTED CAT in the yard and calms that the python was stalking the dog's bed.

2. Why were the kids outside? Anything that can swallow a dog whole does NOT need to be near my children.

3. Why didn't they call the snake specialist sooner? Um, how many more signs did they need to see that this was a problem? Maybe they thought the snake would just go away.

It would be seriously time for me to consider changing my address when there are pythons in and about my backyard.

Not Your Average Male said...

E2k4 -- My apologies. That is the consequence of multi-tasking. It has been remedied.

1 & 2. There was really no excuse for any member of that family to go anywhere near the back of that house again until the python was removed with all certainty. Period.

3. Because they're crazy. Unless snakes are just so common there that they just looked away (i.e., seeing a bum laying over a sidewalk grate on a winter day in Philly), I really just don't get it. Maybe they thought the snake went to shoot some hoops with his boys.

Cat said...

I think snakes were common there. (Just like that whole dingy stole my baby bit in the based on a true story Meryl Streep played in a while ago, based in Austraila). Don't think I can ever be in a place of mind where pythons are a way of life, I still can't get pass rats (and damn if I leave my cat alone to find for herself against these city hood rats). Here's the deal though, if a snake can eat a dog, might it not be able to eat your baby- why were their churn (yes I said it, churn, had to take it back) out there! If I had traces of a wolf in my back yard I'm not letting anybody back there! Call child services!